Bits of Me

Crisp autumn leaves, snow that falls early and melts late, a baby’s hiccuping laugh, the smell of old quilts and woollen sweaters, the playful melody strummed on a guitar, rain heavy enough to leave me drenched, endless nights where the darkness thickens outside my car window, cream-coloured walls with soft yellow lights, rainbows in grey skies, colourful cupcakes, the crushed petals of crumpled roses between the pages of thick, dusty novels, the importance of capturing a moment through a camera lens, my mother’s homemade lamingtons, the smell of fine parchment paper, the senselessly loud chaos caused by my friends’ laughter, stories written in my words – told in my voice, the fear and heart-stopping wait before an examination result, my cats’ fur teasingly covering every cloth I own, reading old books by flickering candle flames, the strong, deep unity running through a whole line of my cousins, memories of my childhood I revisit through photographs, the smiles of my parents and their love, the smaller things in life; a certain teacup, my cat’s meow, my old uniform, a look passed between friends and relatives, a glance, a moment, a colour, a shuffle, a whisper…


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