It’s Just Not Sweet

“You’re insecure, don’t know what for…”

“If you let me inside of your world, there’ll be one less lonely girl…”

“You’ll never treat yourself right, darlin’, but I want you to…”

“I know when I compliment her, she won’t believe me…”


Personally, I don’t dislike the bands or the artists. It’s the message they’re portraying that annoys me.

Firstly, girls aren’t insecure. Girls should be confident and should not rely on the words of some silly, prancing male to feel better about themselves. We know what beautiful is; we just have to look in the mirror to see it 😉

If, in fact, a girl is insecure, then that is a sad factor that should contribute to her being unattractive. Unlike One Direction’s oh-so-famous lyrics, “You don’t know you’re beautiful (dramatic ‘oh’) and that’s what makes you beautiful!”

What upsets me more than anything is the way girls react to such lyrics.

“Ohhh gosshhhh, isn’t that just the sweetest thing?”

No. No, it’s not. It’s degrading and sad and do you not have any self-respect?

Justin Bieber’s catchy tracks, so often labelled “sweet” and “charming” are another huge problem. His song, One Less Lonely Girl, talks about a girl who has gone through a lot of heartbreak and he’s totally convinced that he is the guy who can put an end to her loneliness.

The fact is that, while it might be nice to have someone to love, girls aren’t completely lonely without that person. We have family, friends, cousins, co-workers… we have other people! Frankly, any girl who doesn’t have someone else will most likely not make a great partner and will probably be too clingy, too sad and a little creepy. The important thing here, however, is that girls don’t need to rely on guys… again.

Bieber also introduces an interesting phenomenon in his lyrics where he seems to bribe the girls into loving him. His lyrics for an older song, Love Me, includes him singing in a playful tune, “My money is yours, give you a little more because I love ya!”

Love gained through such materialistic methods cannot, in any sane person’s mind, ever be considered sweet. Unfortunately, his YouTube music videos have comments by teenage girls that beg to differ with my views.

One of his more recent songs, Boyfriend, involves him singing in low, breathy tones, “I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow.” I’m not even going to elaborate on this one.

I’m sure this post sounds overly-feminist and biased in that sense, but I’ve never really considered myself to be a hard-core feminist. I don’t believe that men and women should do exactly the same things or given exactly the same rights in all areas of life. I just believe they should be treated equally with respect. There are some things women are more suited for and vice versa.

What I just want to emphasize upon, though, is that women are not incapable of succeeding, or being happy, or living without a man. We can do it and the image of girls that certain parts of the media portray is wrong and, in my eyes, something that girls should be offended by, not deem as “sweet.”

(The word is now sickly in my head, like too much sticky honey).


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