There is a relentless urge in me to keep pushing the boundaries of the systems we have had forced upon us. I cannot, will not stop and I do not have the strength in me to simply not care. Every issue I face, every injustice done or crime committed does not break me to the point of giving up. I often feel helpless, but never hopeless.

Yes, the future of this country appears morbid and bleak. Yes, we truly are the lowest kind of people if an eight year old girl can be raped and murdered in the same area where eleven others faced the same cruelty a year ago. We may not deserve to be a nation on our own at all – with our disgusting media games, corrupted political tricks and vile, sociopathic citizens.

But I cannot give up. I cannot surrender more children to the hands of reproachable scumbags who deserve to be hung over the heads of their fellow deviants; the only warning the latter should ever receive.

There is no possibility of justice for Zainab, as a coworker pointed out to me two days ago. There can be no justice for someone who is no longer around to see their abuser abused and hung, served what he rightly deserves. Zainab cannot hear our calls for action or our apologies. The obligatory notices and regret tweeted by political leaders will not reach Zainab now. Our sadness is for ourselves, and her loved ones.

But there are children at risk, every day still. Talk to your kids, demand punishment for abusers, speak out and speak loud. Censorship and hushed voices have brought us where we are today. Lack of swift punishment and strict action against abusers is what has aided criminals. If you do not have the money to donate to child protection agencies, if you do not have the time to volunteer your efforts, then at least make one promise for the future of the nation’s remaining children – no more silence.

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