On Change and Contentment

They say the first thing someone notices about you is your shoes, so I wear old sneakers with frayed laces and flats with scuffed edges. And when I'm faced with a scorn and a shrug, I know where I don't want to be anymore. My faith in first impressions is non-existent - I have fallen … Continue reading On Change and Contentment


My Psychoanalysis of the Need to Psychoanalyze

The psychology of humans. So diverse and broad, I can't even dive into the subject without taking a deep breath first. As an A'level student in my last year, I'm currently taking Psychology, learning all sorts of things from theories by Milgram, Zimbardo, Loftus and, of course, Freud. Just recently we studied the disorders "kleptomania" … Continue reading My Psychoanalysis of the Need to Psychoanalyze